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Pastor Kenneth E. Sullivan Jr.

Senior Pastor of New Direction Church

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan, Jr., of KSJ Ministries, is a pastor, writer, entrepreneur, conference speaker, and consultant who has taught and mentored leaders in churches of all sizes. Dr. Sullivan has served in the church for over three decades and will celebrate seventeen years as senior pastor this year. He has overseen the production of hybrid worship services for a rapidly growing congregation and recently completed his doctoral research on essentials for the post-pandemic church.

As a consultant-coach, Dr. Sullivan’s service to your church will include an eye on everything from your church’s website and online presence, branding, parking lot, lobby, nursery, facilities, signage, restrooms, the overall feel, and a main focus on the worship experience, including music, technology, or media, and preaching. Dr. Sullivan’s keen awareness of the nuances of effective church ministry has allowed him to lead one of the fastest-growing churches in Indianapolis.

Dr. Sullivan is co-founder and current president of the Indianapolis Urban Pastors Coalition (IUPC), a collaboration of pastors working cooperatively to facilitate real change through a network of local congregations. He and his wife, Lady Roxie, have three children, Gabrielle, Kennedy and David Jeremiah.

A native of Indianapolis, Pastor Sullivan has earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Crossroads Bible College, with a double major in Pastoral Ministry and Theology. He also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University and earned his Doctor of Ministry degree through Portland Seminary at George Fox University in the Spring of 2023. He has published books on relationships as well as Christian discipleship, and his fourth publication, scheduled for release in the Fall of 2023, will focus on ministry development in the 21st century.

Dr. Sullivan is a community leader who has served on a number of non-profit boards and advisory councils. He founded a non-profit organization in 2014 whose mission is to provide supportive programming for youth and young adults in under -resourced communities, as well as a community development corporation purposed to contribute to the expansive work in housing and economic empowerment on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

Beyond the United States, New Direction’s Better Life Initiative was founded in 2018, and has built ten churches to date in El Doret, Kenya. Dr. Sullivan has many years of experience working in the trenches with the local church. He has a passion to see churches and leaders grow and reach their unique God-given vision.

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